Uniform/Gear Ordering Page
  All uniforms and gear should be purchased through this site. Master Han will have samples of all uniform sizes during class at First Baptist Dallas to try on. Uniform sizes range from 0000 to 9. Anything larger than size 9 will need to be special ordered (contact Master Han at [email protected]). All uniform purchases include the embroidered Han symbol and the two required organizational patches. Taxes and shipping are also included in the prices below.

Smaller White Uniforms + patches
Larger White Uniforms + patches

Smaller BLACK Uniforms + patches

Larger BLACK Uniforms + patches

Patches Only

Form Fist/Forearm Gear
All sizes are $12.00

Bokken (Gumdo Training Sword)

Adult Size: 40 inches
Youth Size: 33 inches


Nunchakus are made and sold separately by Instructor Thomas Leong. Please do not mix items on this page with this purchase. You can purchase nunchakus from a separate page: Click here.